ULI Sydney Site Tour: Substation No. 164, Clarence Street


2022-06-01T08:00:00 - 2022-06-01T09:00:00

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    Substation 164, Clarence Street Will open in a new window 183-185 Clarence Street Sydney, NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA


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    In cities across the globe, the Covid-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the landscape and future of commercial office markets. As restrictions ease and workers return to the CBD, a clear flight-to-quality trend has emerged, with tenants taking advantage of increased rental incentives that weren't previously on offer. To retain and attract tenants, landlords have increasingly focused on tenant experience and place-making in office buildings – investing in new lobbies, activations, end-of-trip facilities, and upgrades to both floors and amenities. Newly constructed Premium office buildings with a point-of-difference are best placed to capitalise on the flight-to-quality trend.
    Join the ULI Sydney community for an exclusive site tour of Substation No. 164, one of the most distinctive new commercial office spaces in Sydney's central business district.

    Substation No.164’s recent transformation perfectly fuses the two buildings’ historic character with seamless modern architecture. The redevelopment has set a new benchmark for heritage buildings, with its “floating” seven-level glass extension a new sculptural icon of the Sydney skyline.

    Get the scoop from speakers:

    • Jono Cottee, Development Director, Built
    • Adam Lee, Senior Associate - Asset Management, Nuveen
    • Tom Mott, Director - Office Leasing, Savills
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    Substation 164, Clarence Street 183-185 Clarence Street Sydney, NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA

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