ULI NEXT: What's NEXT for Future Cities


2020-11-16T12:00:00 - 2020-11-16T13:00:00


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In academic circles, density (more people living in the same area) tends to be associated with better use of resources. Capital cities across the world attract the top talent and investment, and traditional problems like pollution and dense traffic are seen to be solved with density-associated technologies such as public transport or neighbourhood heating and cooling systems. Nevertheless, the idea of a future with a more evenly distributed population is starting to take form. Improvements in communication technologies have made remote working, medicine, and onsite electricity generation possible. Shifts in attitudes can also be linked back to growing tensions between the rural and urban world and, more pressingly, the accelerated spread of COVID-19 in big cities.

During this webinar, we will discuss the role of density in the future of cities, taking into account how it will influence the way people socially interact, work and consume, as well as the way in which transport and energy are provided. The aim is for the audience to reach their own conclusions on the conveniences of high-density living and how this may change in the future.

The panel brings together relevant figures with very different approaches to this question:

Giulia Frittoli leads the Toyota Woven City project for the BIG architecture practice, where the Japanese conglomerate will experiment with new technologies; Jos Melchers is in charge of the development of the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands: the country’s main cities have an excellent coordination system that lets them work as a network; Alfonso Vegara is an academic and consultant with extensive experience in advising cities and governments worldwide; and Megan Walkers who is responsible for the research activities at Allianz Real Estate, which holds an impressive portfolio of investments around the world. It will be moderated by Pablo Villarejo, co-chair of ULI Next Spain. Full speaker biographies here.

The What’s NEXT series is an initiative from the ULI Next group (ULI members under 45), to organise virtual debates at European scale, taking advantage of the remote format to invite professionals from around the world and reach a wider audience. This event has been organised in cooperation between the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom’s national councils.

This webinar is free for ULI members to attend. 


Megan Walters

Global Head of Research Allianz Real Estate GmbH

Megan Walters is the Global Head of Research of Allianz Real Estate. Based in Singapore, she joined the company in November 2019 and has over 20 years of experience in global real estate. Prior to joining the company, she worked at JLL Asia Pacific where she was a member of …

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Alfonso Vegara

Chairman Fundación Metrópoli

Alfonso Vegara has a PhD in City and Regional Planning and degrees in Architecture, Economics, and Sociology. He was President of ISOCARP, the International Society of City and Regional Planners, which has members in over 70 countries. He is a Fellow and Trustee of the Eisenhower Fellowships, and since 2005, …

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Jos Melchers

Director urban planning city of Rotterdam City of Rotterdam

Since August 15, 2017 Jos Melchers is Director of Area Development at the City Development Department of the Municipality of Rotterdam. In this capacity Jos is responsible for the financial and commercial aspects of the urban area development. Jos obtained a degree in architecture at the Delft University of Technology …

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Giulia Frittoli

BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group

Giulia is a Senior Landscape Designer with a multi-disciplinary background in urban design, architecture and landscape architecture. She led the proposal for Toyota Woven City, investigating how recent technologies will shape the future of cities, in relation to new forms of mobility, sustainability, ecology and human connectivity. Giulia joined BIG …

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