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ECO Modern FlatsULI Case Studies showcase innovative approaches and best practices in real estate and urban development. Each case study provides detailed information about the ideas, plans, process, performance, and lessons learned for an exemplary and often award-winning development project. Each also includes project facts, timelines, financial data, site plans, and photos.  The case studies were redesigned in 2013, with improved graphics, interactive maps, and video tours. The ULI Case Studies program dates back to 1971 and is offered as a ULI member benefit and via subscription for non-members.

New ULI Case Studies are released each month on this website, and users can access an archive of more than 500 case studies at ULI is currently working to integrate the old and new case studies within one platform.

What’s Included

Each case study discusses the following topics:

  • The ideas and concepts behind the project.
  • The development team, including the developer, designers, and other key team members.
  • The site and project background, including the site’s characteristics, location, strategic position, and historical context.
  • The development and approval process.
  • The financing of the development.
  • Planning and design, including the positioning of uses, the site planning process, architecture, parking, and special design features.
  • Leasing, marketing, and management.
  • Lessons learned, including insights on what worked and what didn’t.

All case studies include the following features:

  • Photos, site plans, floor plans, and other images of the project.
  • Site, building, and development cost data.
  • Sales and rent figures, vacancy rates, and financial data.
  • A development timeline.

Starting in 2013, the case studies were enhanced to include:

  • Videos about the project, including interviews with the principals involved.
  • An interactive map.

Why Subscribe?

ULI Case Studies are useful to a variety of real estate and urban development professionals, and members of both the public and private sectors look to them for inspiration when they undertake new development projects. Developers, architects, consultants, public officials, and investors often use case studies to make the case for certain development ideas and concepts that have worked elsewhere. By providing an inside look at costs, trade-offs, and accomplishments, ULI Case Studies are invaluable to aspiring land use professionals of all types. In addition, the case studies make for an excellent educational tool for students, clients, community groups—anyone involved in the development process.

Cities and urban areas are built one project at a time, and ULI Case Studies explore innovative ideas and highlight best practices in this ongoing endeavor.

Share Your Feedback

ULI members have long valued this insider’s look into innovative development projects, and we want to know how we can improve the experience for you. To share your ideas for improving the content and presentation of the case studies, or to suggest real estate projects for future case studies, contact Dean Schwanke at 202-624-7115 or

Sponsor ULI Case Studies

Many of the ULI Case Studies that will be released from 2013 to 2015 will be generously underwritten by the law firm Allen Matkins.

Additional sponsorship opportunities are available. For information about sponsoring one or more case studies, please contact Dean Schwanke at or Carla Clements at

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How to Subscribe

ULI Case Studies are offered free as a member benefit for ULI members, and are also offered to non-members via subscription. A one-year subscription for one user costs $249 for non-members. Discounted site licenses can be arranged for subscriptions for five or more users.

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