Creating Healthy Places Through Active Mobility

May 9, 2014 | Length: 4:25

With cycling becoming an increasingly popular form of transportation in high-density Singapore, ULI Singapore has teamed up with the Centre for Liveable Cities to gain a better understanding of the walking and cycling experience in this tropical city. The project aims to complement recent initiatives in Singapore, including the National Cycling Plan, by generating recommendations for improving walkability and bikeability in the city.

To inform the recommendations, facilitated discussions with ULI members, public agencies, advocates and academics were held in a March 2014 “prepshop.” Next, renowned Danish architect and urban designer Jan Gehl led a full-day “bikeshop” through Ang Mo Kio, a residential area of Singapore. More than 50 participants walked and cycled through the study area to review design strategies for enhancing the transportation experience for pedestrians and cyclists.

Read the final report at the Centre for Liveable Cities website and watch the authors present their findings at the World Cities Summit.