Jamison Square — 2011 Urban Open Space Award Finalist

Jamison Square

Jamison Square

Owner/Developer: Portland Parks and Recreation
Architect: Peter Walker and Partners Landscape Architecture
Location: Portland, Oregon
Size: 0.94 Acres

About Jamison Square

PWP won a competition to prepare a master plan for a series of parks in the Riverfront district, a new mixed use area northwest of downtown Portland adjacent to the Pearl Arts District. Jamison Square, the first of three parks realized from the master plan, was designed from a series of well-attended neighborhood workshops and city planning participation.

Jamison Park consists of three main elements: a fountain, a boardwalk and an outdoor gallery. The stone fountain wall metaphoricaly expresses the idea of an “aquifer.” When the fountain is on, it is an object of play and delight for people of all ages. Alternatively, the fountain may be turned off so the space can function as a shady plaza for meetings, celebrations or performances. A continuous wood plank boardwalk extends along the edge of the site to the riverfront and serves as a pedestrian and bicycle way that connect all three parks. An outdoor gallery promotes public art and festivals.

Jamison Square…

Jamison Square Park

  • Promotes synergy between civic park space, adjacent private high rise housing developments and accessible by public transit.
  • Promotes sense of place through the use of simple elements echoed through the series of parks leading to nearby river.
  • Provides a variety of multi seasonal public spaces, in scale and use.
  • Celebrates natural water phenomenon through use of visual display mock aquifer.
  • Has annviting atmosphere which attracts many families, children, offers seating and shade.

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