ULI 2012 Spring Meeting Leadership Recap

The Larson Leadership Initiative created a number of leadership events at the Spring Meeting in Charlotte in May 2012.  These included:

Larson Leadership Summit

60 ULI leaders were invited to the third annual Larson Leadership Summit, a joint program sponsored by the Larson Leadership Initiative and the Women’s Leadership Initiative.  After 45 minutes of networking, the group (half of which was made up of women—a ULI first!) heard Janet Cowell, the treasurer of the state of North Carolina, discuss leadership from an elected official’s point of view.

Reframing Leadership: New Visions for Our Future

ULI’s emerging leaders, as well as leaders from outside the real estate industry discussed their visions for the future.  The audience heard how they are leading their enterprises toward a more inspired tomorrow and took part in the discussion of where the next opportunities could be. See related PDF –  “LLI New Visions for Our Future.”

Moderators Lynn Carlton of Sasaki Associates and Anthony Chang of Cassidy Turley led a lively dialogue with six participants including:

Tamara Dudukovich
The Community Builders, Inc.
Lev Gershman
GE Capital Real Estate
Mark Huppert
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Anika Singh Lemar
Wiggin & Dana, LLP
Elizabeth A. McMillan
Crescent Resources, LLC
Lat Purser
LAT Purser & Associates, Inc.

Wednesday Leadership Track

On Wednesday, the Larson Leadership Initiative supported a variety of programming during the day including concurrent sessions titled:

Trustee Leadership Roundtable, Making ULI Work For You: How to Get the Most of Your ULI Membership, and Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate: I’ve Survived the Great Recession, Now What?

In addition, a personal development session called: Don’t Just Change with the Times… Change the Times! was described as follows: While most would say that the key to success in real estate, and in life, is identifying trends and timing your actions accordingly, the reality is that the greatest rewards go to those who change the times not those who just change with the times.  What are the attributes of those who change the times?  Join Lara Hodgson, nationally acclaimed speaker on innovation and creativity, entrepreneur and contrarian, in this interactive session in which you will learn tools and techniques to help you reframe challenges and drive breakthrough thinking for yourself and your team.

 Leadership Roundtables

Long time ULI member and Foundation Governor Sandy Apgar convened two invitation-only leadership roundtables to create a dialogue that will result in two articles for Urban Land magazine.  One group consisted of senior ULI members and Trustees, while the other was comprised of Young Leaders.  Stay tuned for Sandy’s articles. See related PDF -“LLI Roundtable.”

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