Here you will find the publications ULI has produced related to resilience.



miami-dade-county-panel-may-2016Arch Creek Basin, Miami-Dade County, Florida: Addressing Climate Vulnerabilities and Social Equity with an Adaptation Action Area Framework. May 2016

This Advisory Services Panel report explores how Miami-Dade County can achieve a more resilient development pattern in Arch Creek Basin, a 2,800-acre multi-jurisdictional area, that has experienced repetitive flooding losses. Addressing social inequities, sea level rise, other climate vulnerabilities and “climate gentrification”, the panel formulated recommendations to seize transit oriented development opportunities, implement stormwater and floodwater mitigation techniques, and build community resilience.


resilient-cities-summit-colorado-2015Resilient Cities Summit Report. July 2016

This report summarizes the themes discussed at the 2015 Resilient Cities Summit, which was held at the Aspen Institute and co-hosted by the National League of Cities and the U.S. Green Building Council. The summit drew 50 attendees from city government, NGOs and the private sector, who came together to discuss what resilience means for cities today and to share resources for enhancing urban resilience. ULI, NLC and USGBC collaborated to produce the report.



St Tammany Parish, Louisiana: Bridging the Divide with the South Central Study Area through Resilience

This ULI Advisory Services Panel report provided St Tammany Parish with strategies for sustainable growth management, considering the growing population of the Parish and its challenges with flooding. The panel offered recommendations focused on economic development, land use, transportation and water management.



Returns on Resilience: The Business CaseReturns on Resilience website. May 2016

This website showcases real estate developments that incorporate resilient design measures, with positive financial, operational, and other business outcomes. Users are encouraged to suggest projects for future case studies on the site.



Returns on Resilience: The Business CaseReturns on Resilience: The Business Case. October 2015

Case studies about developers’ and property owners’ motivation to protect buildings and sites against climate-related threats, their resilience strategies, their design and development processes, and their projects’ performance.



Duluth_PanelReport_web coverDuluth, Minnesota: Strategic Advice for Lincoln Park and the Miller Creek Watershed. September 2015

This ULI Advisory Services Panel report offers strategies for community resilience in Duluth, which experienced a severe rain event and subsequent flooding in 2012. The panel produced recommendations for stormwater management, economic development and new social programming.



Seattle_PanelReport_Cover_Page_01 Cover JPEGSeattle, Washington: Strategic Advice for Urban Resilience on the Lower Duwamish River. June 2015

This ULI Advisory Services Panel report explores how to enhance resilience in the communities of Georgetown and South Park, which are vulnerable to sea-level rise and increased stormwater from a changing climate. The panel also produced strategies to promote the growth of the industrial area for the regional economy and highlight the short and longer-term needs of the neighborhood residents.


ClimateChangeRiskA Guide to Assessing Climate Change Risk. April 2015

This guide provides an overview to the risk assessment process. It describes six steps in a risk assessment, which can provide the basis for developing and implementing resilience-building projects. It is directed at municipal decision makers and focuses on risks related to climate change, but the process is applicable for many decision makers and many types of risk.


ResilienceStrategiesResilience Strategies along the Rural-Urban Transect. April 2015

This paper uses the transect, a planning tool, to look at strategies to building community resilience and how they vary as one looks across the continuum from rural lands to urban core areas.



buildingresilientcityBuilding the Resilient City: A ULI Conference Report. January 2015

This report summarized key themes from ULI’s conference in September 2014 in San Francisco. Session summaries and speaker bios are included along with a discussion of the themes of the conference: Value Creation and Risk Mitigation; Lessons in Planning and Leadership; and Building a Resilient Energy Infrastructure.



NorfolkVirgina_PanelResilience in Fort Norfolk: Assessing Risk and Protecting Value. December 2014

A ULI Advisory Services Panel report for the Fort Norfolk neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia, exploring how one of the most vulnerable communities to sea level rise on the East Coast can build resilience.



whattherealWhat the Real Estate Industry Needs to Know about the Insurance Industry and Climate Change. November 2014

This report examines the flood insurance industry’s responses to climate change and why the real estate industry can be increasingly confident in the stability and resilience of the insurance industry as a whole.



LivingWithWaterLiving With Water. September 2014

ULI’s Boston District Council conducted a charrette to look at specific resilience solutions for four neighborhoods in the Greater Boston region.


HousinginAmericaCoverHousing in America: Integrating Housing, Health, and Resilience. September 2014

A ULI report exploring the connection in America’s housing stock between resilience to climate change and developing healthy communities.




ULI Case Studies: Arverne by the Sea—New York City. September 2014.

This Case Study looks at Arverne By the Sea – a New York development that escaped Superstorm Sandy with minimal damage due to resilience planning by the City and the Developers.



northerncoloradoNorthern Colorado: Estes Park, Loveland, and Fort Collins. June 2014

A ULI Advisory Services Panel report looking at building, financing, and leading resilience in the Front Range of Northern Colorado.



WaterfrontsofPortlandCoverWaterfronts of Portland and South Portland Maine. May 2014

A ULI Advisory Services Panel report exploring resilience strategies for the coastal communities of Portland and South Portland, Maine.



ResilienceStrategiesCoverResilience Strategies for Communities at Risk. April 2014

A ULI white paper that takes the recommendations from the After Sandy report and shows how they can be applicable to communities everywhere.



After-Sandy-Cover1After Sandy: Advancing Strategies for Long-Term Resilience and Adaptability. July 2013

A ULI panel came together in July 2013, forming 23 recommendations for how the New York/New Jersey region can build back better.



RiskandResilienceCoverRisk and Resilience in Coastal Regions. January 2013

A ULI Forum on the implications of climate change for coastal real estate markets

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