Housing in America


The Housing in America series looks at the state of housing in the United States and what trends are likely to emerge in the coming years.  Among the issues addressed in Housing in America are the recent foreclosure crisis, the challenges and opportunities posed by generational shifts in housing preferences and environmental risks.



Housing in America: Integrating Housing, Health, and Resilience in a Changing Environment
Published: 2014
Integrating Housing, Health, and Resilience in a Changing Environment examines the role of housing in creating healthy and resilient communities in the face of climate change. Through profiles of three cities dealing with threats of extreme weather, this report presents a set of key takeaways to promote the development of healthy and resilient housing and communities. This report was produced in conjunction with ULI’s Building Healthy Places Initiative.

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Housing in America: The Baby Boomers Turn 65
Published: 2012
The Baby Boomers Turn 65 reviews current demographics for those aged 65 and older and examines how the statistics will change in the coming decade and the impact these changes are likely to have on the US housing market. After a discussion of the consequences of these upcoming shifts, ideas for how to best meet the demands of these new and expanding markets are put forward.

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Housing in America: The Next Decade
Published: 2010
The Next Decade examines housing conditions as they existed in 2010 and projects likely housing conditions through 2020. With the US economy showing signs of recovery in 2010 once-nascent trends are predicted to emerge as major drivers, creating new markets in new places. Those who fail to understand these new trends will likely miss opportunities or find themselves building what is no longer in demand.

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