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ULI’s Infrastructure Initiative produces publications and reports exploring issues at the intersection of infrastructure and land use. Intended to inform practitioners and policy makers alike, the publications distill best practices, experiences and insights from within the ULI network and beyond, and provide a platform for further dialogue about the future of infrastructure and real estate.



Reports by ULI’s Infrastructure Initiative


Infrastructure 2014: Shaping the Competitive City is the eighth in a series of annual reports from the Urban Land Institute and EY. The report, based on a survey of approximately 440 top public and real estate leaders from around the world, assesses the role of infrastructure in supporting and attracting metropolitan real estate investment and  supporting urban prosperity, and identifies key infrastructure investment priorities and bottlenecks.

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America is a diverse nation and our story is ever evolving. America in 2013: A ULI Survey of Views on Housing, Transportation, and Community summarizes findings from a survey conducted by the Infrastructure Initiative and the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing to find out what Americans want and expect from the places we live. The results of the survey provide an important benchmark on American attitudes around community choices. The nationally representative survey of 1,202 adults finds that demand for mixed-use, compact development is strong, and the appeal of compact development cuts across the generations.

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Infrastructure 2013: Global Priorities, Global Insights is the seventh in a series of global infrastructure reports produced by the Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young. The report assesses the state of infrastructure globally, connecting strong infrastructure investment decisions to national and metropolitan prosperity.

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Will new toll roads, charges per mile of driving, and options for congestion-free highway travel change how people think about land use? When the Road Price is Right: Land Use, Tolls, and Congestion Pricing explores expert opinions on the question, and concludes that new approaches could support development in compact, mixed-use nodes, if land use and transit are carefully coordinated with these investments.

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Shifting Suburbs: Reinventing Infrastructure for Compact Development highlights how eight suburban redevelopment projects tackled infrastructure challenges, and takes a look at how infrastructure was planned, funded and financed. From these case studies, the report distills winning strategies, stumbling blocks, and other lessons learned. The ULI Infrastructure Initiative gratefully acknowledges the Rockefeller Foundation for its support of this report and related activities.

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Infrastructure 2012: Spotlight on Leadership focuses on infrastructure leadership in the new economy. The report includes case studies documenting strategies employed by innovative metropolitan regions across the country to fund infrastructure and transit investments in an era of tight budgets. Infrastructure leaders are using new technology, pricing, regional cooperation, and new models of public/private cooperation to move infrastructure projects forward.

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Developing the Next Frontier: Capitalizing on Bus Rapid Transit to Build Community analyzes how bus rapid transit (BRT) can be an organizing catalyst for compact development along commercial arterials, highlighting the potential to strengthen transit corridors through planning, community investment, and place-based branding and identity. The report documents the findings of The Bus Rapid Transit and Land Use Initiative, a partnership among ULI Seattle, King County Metro Transit, the city of Seattle, the city of Shoreline, and the ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Project.

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Promoting Cross-Sector Partnerships for Equitable Transit-Oriented Development summarizes findings from a forum held in Washington DC in November 2010 by the ULI Infrastructure Initiative, with funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, to explore these issues. The report summarizes insights and experiences from partnership efforts in four transit corridors: the Denver West Corridor Line, the Seattle Central Link, the Minneapolis–St. Paul Central Corridor, and the Atlanta BeltLine. The report highlights ten strategies to ensure effective partnerships in pursuit of more equitable transit-oriented development.

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Regional Infrastructure in Northeastern Illinois: Infrastructure’s Role in Maintaining Greater Chicago’s Competitive Edge is one of two reports produced in partnership with ULI Chicago and the ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Project. This report identifies nine regionally significant infrastructure projects in the seven counties of Northeastern Illinois and explains how they could influence land use and impact economic development.

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The Lakeshore Industrial Heritage Corridor: Infrastructure’s Role in Revitalizing Lake Michigan’s South Shore Communities looks at infrastructure and development in the border region of Chicago and Northwest Indiana. An analysis of 13 projects in the study area reveal the existing connections and potential of the corridor. The report is one of two reports produced in partnership with ULI Chicago and the ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Project.

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Land Use and Driving: The Role Compact Development Can Play in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions shows that changing our land use patterns can be a meaningful component of broader strategies to address climate change. The report summarizes the land use and climate change conclusions of three studies, Moving Cooler, Growing Cooler (both published by ULI) and Driving and the Built Environment, published by the Transportation Research Board at the National Academy of Sciences.

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Connecting Florida: Transit + Florida’s Economy lays out the case for regionally integrated transit systems and explains why transit service and compact, walkable development go hand in hand. Following assessments of transit in each of Florida’s five largest metropolitan regions, brief profiles of “new transit metros” from across the United States provide models for building, organizing, and funding regionally integrated transit systems. It was produced in partnership with ULI’s Florida District Councils as part of the ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Project.

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Transportation for a New Era identifies recommendations intended to guide transportation policy and programs at the federal level. By refocusing the federal program, making the reforms we need, and facilitating the participation of the private sector, transportation policy can set the stage for a brighter future for all Americans. The report emerged from ULI’s National Transportation Policy Dialogue program, which brought together leading real estate and transportation thinkers and practitioners to formulate a set of recommendations to guide federal policy and programs.

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Prior Year Infrastructure Reports

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