Advisory Board

The Center for Sustainability’s Advisory Board, led by Mark Preston, provides strategic direction and ongoing program guidance.

Sustainability is central to ULI’s mission, and the Institute has a long history of examining best practices in land use and community-building that promote responsible resource use and long-term resilience—not just for the planet, but also for the benefit of people and profits.

The Center will be the focal point for ULI programs related to sustainability, energy, climate change, urban resilience, preparedness, and adaptability. In the Institute’s view, sustainability, livability, and prosperity are linked, and all are necessary components of community resilience.

Advisory Board Members

Mark Preston
Advisory Board Chairman
Group Chief Executive

Robin Barnes
Executive Vice President & COO
Greater New Orleans, Inc.

Claire Bonham-Carter
Director of Sustainable Development

Uwe Brandes
Executive Director
Urban & Regional Planning
Georgetown University

Pierre Cherki
Managing Director
Head of Alternatives and Real Assets
Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management

Sean Chiao
Chief Executive
Buildings & Places

Kenneth Hubbard
Senior Managing Director

Ladd Keith
Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments Degree
College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
University of Arizona

Chuck Leitner
Berkshire Group

Molly McCabe
Hayden Tanner, LLC

Chrissa Pagitsas
Director of Green Initiatives
Fannie Mae

Phillip Payne
Ginkgo Residential

Roger Platt
Senior Vice President
Global Policy & Law
U.S. Green Building Council

Krista Sprenger
Vice President
Director of Sustainability and Projects, America
Lend Lease

Brian Swett
Director, Cities and Sustainable Real Estate

Marilyn Jordan Taylor
Dean and Paley Professor
School of Design
University of Pennsylvania