ULI Chinese Mainland Real Estate Markets

Chinese Mainland Real Estate Markets Report, undertaken as a pilot study for the first time in 2011, is now an annual survey of real estate industry experts based or active in China. The goal of the survey and the summary report is to provide a platform through which insights and perspectives are shared, both among those already in the China markets and those who are interested in future involvement. The report will be made available at ULI events at which the contents are the focal point, at other ULI-sponsored events in Asia, and on the ULI website.

Chinese Mainland Real Estate Markets 2016

2016ccs_reportcover-213x300Urban Land Institute (ULI) has released Chinese Mainland Real Estate Markets 2016. According to the report, the Chinese mainland real estate made a strong recovery in the past year as a result of the government’s loose monetary policy and favorable policies for the housing market such as the cancellation of home purchase restrictions nationwide, except in the four Tier 1 cities.  The current housing sector recovery has seen new home prices increase 8.9 percent on average across the Tier 1-3 cities in the survey for a 12-month period ending June 2016. The four Tier 1 cities continue to occupy the top four places in the rankings for development and investment prospects, led by Shanghai at the top.


Download the report (English version)