Support the Center

The ULI Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate welcomes the support of ULI members and other individuals, corporations, and foundations. The Center currently is not endowed, but it does receive support/income from the ULI Foundation, project sponsors, and conference revenues and sponsorships. However, this support covers only about one-third of the Center budget, and the remainder is currently covered by ULI directly. The Center is actively seeking and welcomes funding from and partnerships with other individuals and organizations that share its vision.

Supporting the Center’s program of work helps ULI to expand its reach not only to members, but also to nonmembers actively engaged in investment, finance, development, and community building. ULI’s Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate is uniquely positioned to leverage and engage real estate leaders from around the world in a variety of programs that affect real estate finance and investment, equity and debt capital flows, city building, and the quality of the built environment.

This document outlines specific funding opportunities identified for FY 2013; please note that the Center is open to discussing new projects or initiatives that may be of mutual interest to supporters and ULI. For FY 2013, the Center for Capital Markets and Real Estate has a fundraising and sponsorship goal of $600,000 to support its program of work.

To discuss specific funding or partnership opportunities, please contact Anita Kramer, executive director of the Center.