ULI Asks the Tough Questions About the Future of Real Estate

The Urban Land Institute kicked off its 75th birthday celebration during its 2011 Fall Meeting with an ambitious plan to bridge the market realities of today with the land use outcomes of tomorrow. To start the conversation, ULI released What’s Next? Real Estate in the New Economy, a publication that posed the questions the nonprofit would seek to answer over the course of the year at national and international events.

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With nearly 30,000 members worldwide, ULI is uniquely poised to take stock of existing real estate markets and look ahead to the next era of urban development and economics. What’s Next? seeks to challenge ULI members to reframe the nature of the real estate marketplace by asking the following six questions:

  • Work: Where the hell are the jobs?
  • Live: What and where do you call home?
  • Connect: Of what value is proximity?
  • Renew: Where does your energy come from?
  • Move: Where do you want to go?
  • Invest: Where will growth, value, and risk come from?

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