Land Use Impacts of Rising Demand for Medical Facilities

The Outlook for Health Care

The rising demand for medical services to treat aging baby boomers, combined with shifting treatment approaches to curb rising costs, will significantly increase the need for new and refurbished medical office buildings in the decades ahead, according to a new report, The Outlook for Health Care, published by ULI and Seavest Inc.

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Economic Reinvention “A Must, Not an Option”

Positioning a city as progressive and innovative in the post-recession economy requires public officials to “think and act like entrepreneurs” to maximize the economic development potential of anchor institutions such as higher education and medical facilities, alternative energy-related industries, and biotechnology firms, according to Building on Innovation: The Significance of Anchor Institutions in a New Era of City Building. The new ULI report, authored by ULI Senior Resident Fellow for Urban Development Tom Murphy, maintains that in the current environment of extremely limited public funds, being competitive means being able to create new economic engines, new marketplace synergies, and new corporate enterprise offshoots.

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