Intersections: Health and the Built Environment


New report from the Building Healthy Places Initiative, released at ULI’s 2013 Fall Meeting in Chicago, links global health trends to our built environment.

Intersections: Health and the Built Environment explores global health trends and makes the link between those trends and what has been happening to our built environment. It looks at the relationship between how healthy we are and the way our buildings and communities function.

The report uses data and project examples drawn from around the world to make the case that we can build our way to better health, by changing our approach to cities, communities, and places.

Health challenges are daunting. But this publication shows how change can happen—one community, and one project, at a time.


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Intersections: Health and the Built Environment includes chapters on:

  • Global health trends
  • Better health through community design
  • Active transportation
  • Healthy buildings
  • Access to healthy food
  • Clear air and clean water


For media inquiries, contact Trish Riggs at 202-624-7086 or

Press Release, November 6, 2013

Write-up on CityScope’s new e-newsletter, December 2013 

“Healthy Places: Enhancing the Built Environment,” from Yardi Corporate Blog, March 27, 2014


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