Infrastructure 2012: Spotlight on Leadership

Published 2012

ULI’s annual infrastructure report, produced in partnership with Ernst & Young, assesses the state of infrastructure in the United States and around the world. The report summarizes recent trends and provides insights on strategies and approaches for moving forward with the infrastructure investments needed for countries and regions to continue to prosper and grow. Based on interviews with infrastructure experts, up-to-date research and analysis, and other sources, the report is full of essential information and insights for any infrastructure or land use professional.

Infrastructure 2012: Spotlight on Leadership is the sixth in the series of annual reports exploring global infrastructure investment and trends. Highlights of Infrastructure 2012 include:

  • A special section exploring the growing use of ballot initiatives for roads, transit, open space, and water in the United States.
  • Case studies illustrating how infrastructure leaders are using new technology, regional cooperation, and other strategies to move infrastructure projects forward.
  • A comprehensive overview of the current state of infrastructure in the United States, Europe, Canada, China, India, Brazil, and the Middle East.
  • Analysis of emerging approaches to infrastructure funding and financing at the federal, state, regional, and local levels.
  • Recommendations on how state and local governments can make infrastructure projects happen despite constrained fiscal environments.

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Special Section

This year’s report features a Special Section, “Infrastructure Leadership in the New Economy,” which highlights innovative approaches to meeting infrastructure needs in an era of scarce resources. Efforts to fund infrastructure through ballot measure campaigns that appeal directly to voters are explored, with case studies from Oklahoma City, the Research Triangle in North Carolina, and Los Angeles. Approaches including enhanced regional cooperation in the Connecticut/Massachusetts Knowledge Corridor, applications of pricing and technology to parking in San Francisco, and a strategy to address water issues in Chicago are also reviewed in this section.

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