Five Five Five

Five Five Five

Five ULI Fellows Present Five Ideas for the Next Five Years

Authors:  Stephen Blank, Michael Horst, John McIlwain, Ed McMahon, Tom Murphy

Published:  2009

For the first time in history, more people live in cities than in rural areas. In the United States, over 80 percent of the residents now live in cities, and by 2050, it will be over 90 percent. The same is largely true in Europe. Asia is in the midst of its own urban migration, with its metropolitan population projected to increase by over 25 percent in the next four decades. In response, ULI has kicked off its journey into the metropolitan cen- tury with The City in 2050 initiative, which has included a debut publi- cation and an exhibit showcasing major issues, innovative projects, and trends from around the world. The Institute has initiated col- loquies and forums with leading thinkers, and ramped up research. It now looks to engage ULI governors in the dialogue.

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