Connecting Florida: Transit + Florida’s Economy

Connecting Florida

Published April 2010

The findings presented in Connecting Florida are a result of a partnership of five ULI District Councils in Florida and the ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Project, formed to analyze the links between transportation and land use in the state. With a focus on both the regional and metropolitan scales, the report addresses the need for a fully integrated transportation system with a strong emphasis on transit for the larger urban areas.

To make the most of Florida’s momentum for expanding regionally integrated transit systems, the public and private sectors need to work together, forming a partnership that will shape Florida’s metropolitan regions and the state’s economy for decades to come.

This report provides compelling information on how Florida communities plan to move forward with better mobility, sustainable neighborhoods, and better economic health through implementation of various transportation plans. If Florida is to compete for the jobs of the future and to attain the high quality of life that residents want and need, leadership must move ahead and make strategic transportation investments today and coordinate these investments with land use.

This report is a product of the ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Project.

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