Eight Opportunities for Urban Planning Innovation


Earlier this month, the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation conference took place in Gaungzhou, China.  The Guangzhou Award Innovation  is awarded to innovative projects and practices in the public sector of cities and regions worldwide. Its objective is to “recognize the importance of public sector innovation in promoting the socio-economic environment and sustainability of cities and regions and advancing the livelihood of their citizens.”

ULI/Citistates Global Metropolitan Futures Summit delegate Pablo Vaggione of Design Convergence contributed a paper for discussion outlining eight opportunities for innovation in urban planning:

  1. Being strategic by responding to real needs
  2. Creating a framework, not a straitjacket
  3. Closing the gap between planning and execution
  4. Collaborating to increase the likelihood of a positive impact
  5. Thinking systemically and acting transversally
  6. Using taxpayers’ money wisely
  7. Creating traction through reliable conditions
  8. Facilitating performance metrics

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