Universities and Institutions

Universities, hospitals, colleges, and other institutions rely on ULI Advisory Services to shape real estate asset management, campus development, and neighborhood revitalization strategies. Panels bring a third-party perspective that can help institutions and their local communities work together to address the unique land use, transportation, and housing needs of institutional communities.

Sponsors for these panels often include:

  • Universities
  • Local governments
  • Business improvement districts
  • Redevelopment authorities



University Panels Have Included:

University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Canada

Gallaudet University
Washington, D.C.
Point Park Pittsburgh
Point Park University,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Institutional Panels Have Included:

Niagra Falls, New York
Buffalo, New York
las vegas UNLV
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Senior Vice President, Advisory Services
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Senior Director, Education & Advisory Services
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Paul Angelone
Director, Advisory Services
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Steven Gu
Associate, Advisory Services
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