Leading Voices with ULI: Toby Bozzuto

Toby Bozzuto
President & CEO of The Bozzuto Group

Growing up, Toby Bozzuto did not want to work in the family business—yet now he is the CEO. Toby began his career in the music industry but was drawn into the real estate world because of the foundational values his father set for the Bozzuto Group.

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2 comments on “Leading Voices with ULI: Toby Bozzuto

  1. Matt:
    Very good interview with Toby! He is a very talented leader and executive. I’ve known him and his father for a long time. He has a “softer” approach to the business than his father, yet is more cerebral. Watching the Bozzuto Group grow from a 3 man partnership with one equity partner to where it is today is a testimony to a dedicated strategy by a strongly principled and motivated team and now legacy. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, John. Totally agree. I have watched that company grow from when Tom and the group came over from Oxford and started the business. Just a wonderful and exemplary story.

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