Paul Schell — JC Nichols Prize Jury

Former Mayor of Seattle
Real Estate Developer

Paul Schell was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa in 1937, and graduated from Roosevelt High School in Des Moines. He attended Wartburg College and graduated from the University of Iowa and Columbia Law School. He practiced law in New York City and Seattle, Washington, where he moved with his wife, Pam, in 1967.

Paul determined that his true interest was in the planning and building of urban communities. In 1973 he was appointed Director of the Seattle Department of Community Development. He founded and served as president of Cornerstone Development Company from 1979-87 that created twelve blocks of mixed use with historic preservation in Seattle, multi-block redevelopment in Tacoma, and Portland, Oregon.

In 1989 Paul was elected Commissioner for the Port of Seattle, becoming commission president in 1995. He was asked to serve as acting Dean of the UW College of Architecture and Urban Planning and did so from 1993-96. During that time he built the Office of Sustainability and enhanced the Rome Studies Program.

The Inn at Langley, one of the most awarded resorts in the Northwest, was created and built by Paul in 1989. He is at present adding to the 26-room inn by adding two penthouses. Paul and a friend built another inn in Langley, The Boatyard Inn.

Paul was elected Mayor of Seattle from 1998-2002. During that time he oversaw the building of a new symphony hall, opera house, downtown library and numerous branches, City Hall, Justice Center and 100 new parks and promoted the Seattle Art Museum’s sculpture park.

Upon leaving the mayor’s office, he became a strategic advisor for architectural firm, NBBJ. In 2004 he became a co-developer for a new Four Seasons Hotel and Residences in Seattle, which will open in 2008.

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