Neal Peirce — JC Nichols Prize Jury

CitiStates Group and Washington Post Writers Group
Washington, DC

Neil Peirce is a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post and chairman of The Citistates Group, America’s only journalist team focused first and foremost on metropolitan regions. With Curtis Johnson, Peirce has co-authored the Peirce Reports (now called Citistates Reports), a publication focused on compelling issues of metropolitan futures for leading media in 25 regions across the nation. Recent reports include Boston Unbound, released in May 2004, and a series on the Charlotte Citistate for The Charlotte Observer.

Peirce is also a principal author of a major report on approaching global urban challenges, Century of the City: No Time to Lose, based on the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2007 Global Urban Summit in Bellagio, Italy. His 10-book series on America’s states and regions culminated in The Book of America: Inside 50 States Today and, more recently, has published Citistates: How Urban America Can Prosper in a Competitive World; Boundary Crossers: Community Leadership for a Global Age; and Breakthroughs: Recreating The American City.

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