Infrastructure Update: Partnerships for Equitable TOD, Transportation Bill Update, and Redevelopment in the Twin Cities

Promoting Cross-Sector Partnerships for Equitable TOD

Partnerships for Equitable TOD. Promoting Cross-Sector Partnerships for Equitable Transit-Oriented Development summarizes findings and principles from a forum held in Washington, D.C., in November 2010. ULI and the Anne E. Casey Foundation convened participants from four transit corridors to discuss strategies for building successful cross-sector partnerships to promote more equitable TOD. The four transit corridors were the Denver West Corridor Line, the Seattle Central Link, the Minneapolis–St. Paul Central Corridor, and the Atlanta BeltLine. Case studies from each of these corridors are included in the report.

Transportation Bill. SAFETEA-LU has been extended until September 30, giving the federal government authority to continue paying for transportation investments. But uncertainty about reauthorization continues. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chair John Mica (R-FL) is pushing for a full, six-year bill that is likely to keep the federal gasoline tax steady and match revenues with expenditures, resulting in a reduction in spending levels. Some members of Congress are pushing for a two-year bill instead on the expectation that a larger, more transformative bill may be possible after the economy recovers and the 2012 election is past. After long being dormant, reauthorization may see a pickup in congressional action this summer.

A Developer’s Perspective on Redevelopment. Redevelopment in the Twin Cities: A Developer’s View, a report commissioned by ULI Minnesota and the Family Housing Fund, captures the perspective of ten developers in the Twin Cities region who specialize in redevelopment and infill development. While the report focuses on the Twin Cities, its analysis of future market conditions and the need to build strong relationships between developers and city officials is relevant in other markets as well. Jay Lindgren, chair of ULI Minnesota’s infrastructure committee, shares key findings of the report in this article.

Infrastructure 2011 and Industry Roundtables. ULI members will convene in Phoenix for the ULI Real Estate Summit at the Spring Council Forum this May 18 to 20. Meeting attendees will receive complimentary copies of Infrastructure 2011: A Strategic Priority, the fifth in an annual series produced by the Urban Land Institute and Ernst & Young. ULI is also convening ULI members in industry roundtable sessions May 19. The transportation roundtables will feature new insights on market trends in light of likely federal and metropolitan transportation investment priorities, and new approaches to financing transit through development partnerships.