ULI Hines Student Competition 2017 Finalist: “Rooted”- University of Texas at Austin


Original Entry Title: Rooted
Team code: 
University of Texas at Austin

Overview (Excerpt from original narrative submission)

Rooted is built upon the inherent power of food culture to bring together people of diverse backgrounds in a comfortable and lively space. Chicago has long served as the heartland for food production, processing, and distribution due to its prime location as the gateway to the east and west. Creating a center of gravity for food and manufacturing creates a unique urban experience, tying together past, present, and future.


  • Luke Kvasnicka, Master of Architecture
  • Miles Payton, Master of Landscape Architecture
  • Christopher Perkes (Team Leader), Joint degree Master of Science in Community and Regional Planning, Master of Science in Sustainable Design
  • Mason Rathe, Master of Business Administration
  • Kirsten Stray-Gundersen, Master of Architecture

Faculty advisers

  • Simon Atkinson, Professor Community and Regional Planning
  • Edna Ledesma, Lecturer School of Architecture

Submission Materials

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