ULI Hines Student Competition 2017 Finalist: “IN-district”- Carnegie Mellon


Original Entry Title: IN-district
Team code: 
Carnegie Mellon University

Overview (Excerpt from original narrative submission)

The IN-district is a strategy that preserves and celebrates the historic context of the Chicago North Branch area through a revitalization into a new center for culture, innovation, and industry. By connecting heavy and light industries, maker and innovation startups, education, and public amenities, The IN-district reinforces employment opportunities, as well as growth of a new vibrant community. Interconnecting pedestrian trails link the industrial blocks of the site to mixed use and residential areas while weaving together the energy from both sides of the river. New trails connect the three main areas of the site: INnovation Square, INdustry Square and INteraction Square.


  • Ernest Bellamy (Team Leader), Master of Urban Design
  • Lola Ben-Alon, Ph.D. (joint program between the School of Architecture and Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Shannon Iacino, Master of Science in Sustainable Design
  • Varun Patel, Master of Business Administration
  • Shruti Srikar, Joint Master of Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management

Faculty advisers

  • Donald K. Carter, Co-Chair Master of Urban Design Program

Submission Materials

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