ULI Hines Student Competition 2016 Finalist: “Matrix Park” — University of Miami


Original Entry Title: Matrix Park
Team code:
University of Miami

Overview (Excerpt from Final Four narrative submission)

MA·TRIX / ma triks/ n. 1. An environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.
[MATRIX] environments foster creativity and are often the place from which thoughts and ideas become reality. Matrix Park is a mixed-use development program aptly named to reflect Midtown Atlanta’s role as the CITY’S LEAD DISTRICT IN TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS. Promoting urban green space, connectivity, walkability, sustainability and opportunities to engage with the community are just a few key components of Matrix Park.

[CIRCUITRY] can be identified as a fundamental characteristic shared between urban planning, computer sciences, and balanced living. The Midtown Alliance has created Blueprint Midtown to support and facilitate continued growth in the district which reflects strong and healthy circuitry. By complimenting uses and design alongside approved projects within the area, Matrix is poised to collaborate, rather than compete with, the development and direction established within the area. The program is thus designed to sync its residential, entertainment and green space components with such retail and office projects as The Midtown Mile & Georgia Institute of Technology’s (GT) High Performance Computer Center (HPCC) through a fluid and organic design strategy.

[MOTHERBOARD] systems facilitate the function of an operation and are often the focal point from which all other components interconnect. Matrix Park serves as our ‘Grand Central,’ the junction where the MARTA, GT, HPCC and Tech Square combine. At the center of Matrix Park is The Apex, which can be interpreted as the CPU or heart and soul of the project. This glass enclosure emanates Midtown’s commitment to innovation and houses the Tech District’s premiere hackerspace. A creative playground, it serves the tech enthusiast community with a space to meet, share ideas, work on projects individually or in collaboration, compete in events, attend tech related venues, and showcase innovations.

Matrix Park program (detail)

Matrix Park program (detail)

[NEXUS] living is about putting work and play components on terms that satisfy a balanced lifestyle. This concept involves sowing components into the existing seems of the urban fabric together in a way which unifies the area by organic design. Publicly accessible green space, facilities for learning, playing, relaxing and exploring are made to serve the enjoyment of families from all backgrounds. To reflect this in design and meet this market’s diversity, Matrix Park incorporates the existing topography with multi-purposed components and quadrants. In this way, both residents and visitors may enjoy the benefits of urban green space designed for all.

[HACKER] ethic was described in Steven Levy’s 1984 book Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution and adheres that access, freedom of information, and improvement to quality of life are the key tenets of the hacker community. In the spirit of hacker values identified by Levy, Matrix Park is conceived to tether the creative impulses of science and nature with a community and physical space we can engage. As a major urban infill junction, Matrix seeks to further [activate and reinforce] the core values of the district, to link new networks, grow in communion, and to pursue the fabric of emerging innovations.


  • Stephanie Douthit, Master of Business Administration
  • Stefani Fachini, Bachelor of Architecture (5th year)
  • Gabriel Flores, Master of Real Estate Development
  • Lily Kasapi, Master of Real Estate Development
  • Melodie Sanchez (Team leader), Bachelor of Architecture (5th year)

Faculty advisers

  • Veruska Vasconez, Lecturer, School of Architecture
  • Li Yi, Lecturer School of Architecture

Final Four Submission Materials

Original Submission Materials

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