2013 Hines Competition Finalist – Yale University


Entry Title: MinneDi
Award: Finalist
Team Number: 2013
School: Yale University

About: MinneDi, a play off of Minneapolis’s nickname as the Mini-Apple, establishes the new Minneapolis Millennial Innovation District that transforms the former Downtown East. Innovation in MinneDi cuts across all aspects of life to generate jobs as well as to create an attractive and desirable place to live and visit. The development creates a new pedestrian and cyclist friendly neighborhood centered on public transit, a farmer’s market, and central green; and it builds a business incubator to link universities and businesses with creative and entrepreneurial Minneapolitans. It harnesses technology to promote a cleaner, smarter, and more integrated public realm that links smart infrastructure to social media that tracks energy and resource flows as well as forges new connections amongst residents through a ‘virtual public realm.’ MinneDi creates a new model for an innovation district that sets an example for sustainable communities of the future, both in Minneapolis and across the nation.

Finalist Stage Presentation Board

Full Narrative Summary
Competition Stage Presentation Board
Site Plan

Mathew Chow,  Master of Business Administration (Team Leader)
Brian Hong,  Master of Business Administration
Ollie Nieuwland-Zlotnicki, Master of Architecture
Jonathan Reyes, Master of Architecture
Starling Childs, Master of Environmental Management
Faculty Adviser: Alexander Garvin
Professional Adviser: Alexander Feldman

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