2013 Hines Competition Finalist – Harvard University


Entry Title: Connec+ Minneapolis
Award: Finalist
Team Number: 1492
School: Harvard University

About: Connec+ Minneapolis fills the void of Downtown East by connecting residential adjacencies through the transformation of barren streets into activated, sustainable and inviting thoroughfares while connecting pedestrian, bike, and lightrail networks, embedding future density into Downtown Minneapolis. The proposal centers around the transformation of Portland Avenue into a linear park that connects the Mississippi River to a reinvented Armory District, repurposing The Armory as a year-round attraction. Connec+ Minneapolis’s streetscape reconsiders the dominant skyway model in favor of sheltered “greenhouse sidewalks,” ensuring pedestrian comfort without abandoning the street level. Sustainability is measured by leveraging creative reuse and ecological design toward enhancing the local economy, from the design of a matrix of “green” and “blue” streets engineered for stormwater infrastructure, to the reuse of materials from the demolished Vikings Stadium, to a comprehensive “reforesting” of the city’s streets with native North Woods trees and prairie grasses unique to Minnesota. Through connectivity, comfort, and ecology, Connec+ Minneapolis creates a new district in Downtown East to live, work, and experience.

Finalist Stage Presentation Board

Full Narrative Summary
Competition Stage Presentation Board
Site Plan

Robert Daurio, Master of Architecture (Team Leader)
Andrew Wisniewski, Master of Landscape Architecture
Cara Walsh, Master of Landscape Architecture
Maynard Hayden Léon, Master of Architecture
James Cody Birkey, Master of Real Estate Studies
Faculty Adviser: Anita Berrizbeitia

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