2012 Hines Competition Finalist – University of Michigan


“The Hill”

Team 0506
University of Michigan

The Hill at Houston envisions a new livable downtown district with connections to the adjacent cultural and historic districts, the University of Houston Downtown, and the Buffalo Bayou through a newly organized street grid and the development of a multimodal transit station. The Houston Highline acts as a pedestrian gateway that connects downtown to the heart of the Hill, linking Houston’s cultural and historic districts with this live- work-play community. The creation of diverse housing stock and continuous integrated green space connect to a variety of amenities while providing ecological habitat. Buildings gradually decrease in height towards the bayou, giving the project a distinctive architectural identity that maximizes views of the bayou and downtown while providing residents with comfortable living through advanced passive energy systems.  The Hill at Houston — where neighborhood comforts meet downtown connections.

Jessica Hester (Team Leader), Master of Science in Design Research
Laura Reading, Master in Urban Planning
Reid Fellenbaum, Master in Architecture
Anne Fennema, Master in Urban Planning
Sylvia Harris, Master in Urban Planning

Faculty Adviser: Suzanne Lanyi Charles

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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