2012 Hines Competition Finalist – Columbia University


“The Post”

Team 1248
Columbia University

By maintaining the existing USPS office building and converting it into a center for artists, workshops, and incubator office space, “The Post” creates a cultural center within the site to compliment the adjacent cultural district.   It also introduces roof-top entertainment such as cinemas and eateries to capitalize on the site’s views of downtown and beyond.  Residential development maintains a human scale while providing housing for over 2500 people at all income levels. A portion of the USPS distribution facility is also retained, and will be renovated to house a small-vendor produce market

Jennifer Chung (Team Leader), Master of Real Estate Development
Wendy Hoffman, Master of Real Estate Development
Jose Franco Soberano, Master of Real Estate Development
Zachary Craun, Master of Architecture and Urban Design
Farzin Lotfi-Jam, Master of Advanced Architectural Design

Faculty Adviser: Jesse Keenan


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