2011 Hines Competition Winner – University of Michigan



Team 5685
University of Michigan

Health Oriented Urbanism in South-East Seattle, (H.O.U.S.E.S.) explores a sustainable approach to urbanism while effectively taking advantage of the site’s many opportunities.  H.O.U.S.E.S. embodies four major aspects of sustainability: community health, economic health, environmental health, and individual health.

  • Community health is promoted through social integration of diverse communities through the community center, community gardens, local small businesses, and farmers / crafts market.
  • Economic health is accomplished through integrating different transportation systems and land uses, promoting diverse housing types, and reconfiguring existing big box retails.
  • Environmental health is achieved by introducing green infrastructure and adding sustainable systems at the district and the building level to close environmental loops of energy, food and waste on site.
  • Individual health is enhanced by walkability, bikeability and by greening the environment. Extensive traffic calming improves pedestrian safety.

This design is largely a reflection of rethinking contemporary urbanism to create more sustainable neighborhoods and livable, resilient cities.

Sara Hadavi, Master of Landscape Architecture, Team Leader
Aditya Inamdar, Master of Urban Design
Alex DeCamp, Master of Urban Planning
Amir Hajrasouliha, Master of Urban Design
Michel Banna, Master of Urban Design

Faculty adviser:  Douglas Kelbaugh

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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