2011 Hines Competition Finalist – University of Michigan


“Rainier Valley Exchange”

Team 1157
University of Michigan

Rainier Valley Exchange is an urban village focused on providing accessibility to multi-modal transit, innovative business opportunities, and unique, local culture. Its pedestrian and bicycle network emphasize connections to surrounding neighborhoods as well as existing light rail and bus infrastructure, providing access to the entire Seattle Metropolitan region. It also encourages innovation and entrepreneurship through affordable retail / office space and business support services, while building on existing local small businesses. Finally, it creates a vibrant community designed for personal interaction and cultural exchange on the street, in the park, at the grocery store as well as local restaurants and cafés. The design for “Rainier Valley Exchange” encourages the growth of unique local and cultural elements and connects the neighborhood to the surrounding region and global marketplace.

Christopher Canna, Master of Urban Planning, Team Leader
John Drain, Master of Urban Planning
Koben Calhoun, Master of Public Policy
Dustin Sommer, Master of Architecture
Matt Nickel, Master of Architecture

Faculty adviser:  David Bieri
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