2011 Hines Competition Finalist – University of Maryland at College Park


“Pilot Point”

Team 2074
University of Maryland at College Park

Pilot Point fosters new initiatives and promotes entrepreneurship and supports innovation.  This development uses the city’s growing public transit system and its connection to greater Seattle as a catalyst for sustainable growth. The UW Campus Plaza, Husky Square, houses a Farmer’s Market and Greenhouse to allow local P-Patch gardeners to sell homegrown produce. Pilot Point enhances the neighborhood by providing cultural amenities, like the International Cinema with an outdoor amphitheater in Pilot Park.  The Point becomes a hub for community activities providing the tools for its residents and visitors to become successful entrepreneurs as with Seattleite tradition. Transformation continues along Rainier Avenue with traffic calming strategies such as larger sidewalks, bike lanes and street front retail. SoSea Trail, a half-mile linear park, connects Pilot Pointinto Seattle’s existing park system. Rooted locally, yet reaching globally, Pilot Point energizes the region’s potential and sparks sustainable development throughout the Rainier Valley.

Fran Doherty, Master of City Planning, Team Leader
Heather Howard, Master of Real Estate Development
Matthew Sickle, Master of Landscape Architecture
Sean Douty, Master of Architecture
Emilie Rottman, Master of Architecture

Faculty adviser:  Matthew J. Bell
Professional adviser:  Margaret McFarland, Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development
Professional adviser:  Jim Cohen, School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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