2010 Hines Competition Winner – North Carolina State University/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


“Family Oriented Development at East Village Park”

Team 3581
North Carolina State University/University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Family Oriented Development presents a catalytic strategy to anchor a resilient, invested, multi-generational community in San Diego’s East Village. This development will attract diverse family types representing a range of ages, needs, and resources through attention to three critical factors: time, relationships, and upward mobility. The design affords quality use of time through convenient access to amenities such as retail, transit, the Park-to-Bay urban greenway, the Village Green, neighborhood schools, and the vibrant culture of downtown. Social nodes, including the Thought Box, Village Green, and the walkable street system promote inclusive extended family relationships among individuals, businesses, and institutions. An accessible framework of life-long learning, entrepreneurial development, and an affordable lifestyle offers opportunities for upward mobility. Family Oriented Development uses these building blocks to construct a self-organizing system: a socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable network that will evolve and spread throughout downtown San Diego.

Maria Papiez, Master of Architecture, Team Leader
Daria Khramtsova, Master of City and Regional Planning
Rebecca Myers, Master of Landscape Architecture
Jeff Pleshek, Master of Architecture
Matt Tomasulo, Master of Landscape Architecture

Faculty adviser:  Robin Fran Abrams

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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