2010 Hines Competition Finalist – Harvard University


“Celebration of Art”

Team 1202
Harvard University

“Celebration of Art” proposes an art-centric, multi-generational, European-scaled, sustainable development on the site of a former warehouse district. The project seeks to create over 1,500 jobs while attracting people to live, shop, and work in East Village.  The design is unified by a central park and subdivided by four art-themed sub districts, each with its own art-themed pocket par

Macy Man-Sai Leung, Master of Design Studies-Urbanization and Housing, Team Leader
Ignacio Correa, Master of Design Studies-Real Estate
Fai Au, Master of Design Studies-Technology
Xue Zhou, Master of Landscape Architecture
Shane Campbell, Master of Business Administration

Faculty adviser:  Richard Peiser
Professional adviser:  Brian Canin, Canin Associates

Download Competition Stage Entry


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