2009 Hines Competition Winner – Massachusetts Institute of Technology/University of Wisconsin


“Panorama Station”

Team 0770
MIT/University of Wisconsin

Planning for Denver’s future, Panorama Station takes advantage of the site’s greatest assets while improving the lifestyle for future residents and existing neighbors. It provides view-oriented public spaces that maximize the visibility of the mountain landscape to the west and supports a fifteen-minute car-free lifestyle by enabling residents to access all daily amenities and services within a fifteen-minute travel time. Panorama Station creates a strong sense of place by establishing a vital urban center along Dakota Street, anchored by the light rail station and new streetcar. It creatively integrates big box retail into the medium-density urban environment and anticipates flexible future uses for the large retail spaces. The development is sensitive to the arid climate and integrates water conserving landscapes by choosing native plants and introducing rainwater retention infrastructure. Lastly, using progressive financing techniques, it creates a strong public-private partnership with the support of the city and surrounding neighborhoods.

Blair Humphreys, Master of City Planning, Team Leader
Sarah Snider, Master of City Planning
Eric Komppa, University of Wisconsin, MBA in Real Estate
Jesse Hunting, Master of City Planning
Duncan McIlvaine, Master of Architecture

Faculty Adviser: Tunney Lee

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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