2009 Hines Competition Finalist – University of Miami


“Alameda Market”

Team 5010
University of Miami

Alameda Market is a progressive urban center that finds itself at home in Denver, Colorado. The plan looks to the future while respecting the past, incorporating the urban grid from surrounding neighborhoods and building on the strengths of Denver’s light-rail, bus, and bike routes. Pedestrian-oriented urbanism feeds Denver’s outdoor culture providing space for sidewalk cafes and curbside markets. Open spaces are carefully placed relative to one another while offering different venues for a variety of recreational activities. The surrounding human-scaled architecture pays homage to the well-detailed warehouses of downtown Denver. Sustainability goals of tomorrow are achieved today at Alameda Market by producing 20 percent of energy on site, accommodating on-site food production and water reuse and anticipating the conversion of large retailers into smaller commerce in intimate retail courtyards. The Alameda Market vision creates an ecologically responsible urban center that provides a sense of place, history, and community.

Victor Santana, Master of Real Estate Development and Urbanism, Team Leader
Warren Bane, Master of Business Administration, Finance and International Business
Benyameen Ghareeb, Master of Architecture in Suburb and Town Design
Jeffrey Hall, Master of Architecture, Master of Architecture in Suburb and Town Design
Jared Sedam, Master of Architecture

Faculty Adviser: Charles Bohl

Professional Adviser: Stephen Nostrand, Colliers Abood Wood-Fay

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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