2009 Hines Competition Finalist – Kansas State University



Team 3909
Kansas State University

The Denver Design District touch proposal converges culture, enterprise, and lifestyle to create a verdant, livable, community-focused urban atmosphere. The district’s current big-box development, which serves the prototypical car-centric suburban model, is transformed into one of Denver’s most distinctive neighborhoods. touch establishes new methods of interaction and collaboration through multi-modal transit connections, vertical integration, increased density, and open space to create an engaged and vibrant lifestyle. Linked through Alameda Station and unified by connective landscape, the district serves the broader Denver region as a destination for events, leisure, and gathering. The vision utilizes its local and regional resources in response to a new generation that demands unprecedented integration of activity, technology, culture, diversity, and choice. Adaptive, connective and livable, touch creates an enduring urban community for the 21st century and beyond.

John Perry, Master of Landscape Architecture, Team Leader
Junbin Feng, Master of Business Administration
Anthony Fox, Master of Landscape Architecture
Christopher Morton, Master of Landscape Architecture
Bryan Zundel, Master of Regional and Community Planning

Faculty Adviser: Blake Belanger

Professional Adviser: Dan Musser, Zimmer Real Estate Services

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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