2008 Hines Competition Winner – University of Pennsylvania


“Belleview Place”

Team 2484
University of Pennsylvania

Belleview Place invites a rethinking of the definition of urban spaces in Dallas. The plan harnesses Cedars’ assets to bridge neighborhoods divided by physical, economic and cultural differences by connecting open space, transit and institutional resources. These strategies position Belleview Place as a destination for everyone—from professionals seeking downtown living to working-class families seeking convenience and comfort. This planned-unit development orients Cedars along mass transit and creates vibrant, safe and walkable corridors using urban design guidelines centered on streets as an integral part of the public realm. Civic amenities and commercial installations along these corridors strengthen connections between area neighborhoods by providing equitable standards of social and physical infrastructure for all. The development strategy identifies key nodes for dense commercial growth based on a framework of phased infrastructure, public investment, leveraging private funding, and land development to increase land values and attract a range of developers.

Shachi Pandey, Master of City Planning
Tiffany Marston, Master of Landscape Architecture
Yunjia Wang, Master of Landscape Architecture
Wei Wang, Master of Architecture
David Anderson, Master of Business Administration

Faculty Adviser: David Gouverneur

Professional Adviser: Shuprotim Bhaumik, Economics Research Associates

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