2007 Hines Competition Winner – University of California, Berkeley



Team 2153
University of California, Berkeley

The title refers to the metamorphic process of creating new landscapes by forming connections between disparate fragments of Los Angeles’ neighborhoods. The urban plan for East First Street encourages a flow of green spaces towards a new park decked over the railyards along the west side of the river, and connecting to the greenway along the east side of the river. This urban-scale swath of green space continues into the residential neighborhoods in Boyle Heights, up to Mariachi Plaza, which is redeveloped with rental and ownership units, both market-rate and affordable, above neighborhood-scale retail spaces.

College of Environmental Design

Christopher Thomas Lollini, M. Civil Engineering
Andrea Gaffney, M. Landscape Architecture
Brooke Ray Smith, M. Landscape Architecture
Aditi Rao, M. Architecture
Robert McCracken, M. City Planning

Faculty adviser: John Landis
Professional adviser: Clark Wilson

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