2006 Hines Competition Finalist – University of California, Berkeley



Team 2020
University of California, Berkeley

“Weave” proposes an urban prototype for St. Louis that rejects the creation of a specific-use redevelopment district and instead introduces explicit north-south connections throughout the site that weaves it into the communities to its north and south. While the Greenway is the major east-west cross-weave, smaller strips of green space weave through the site, eventually connecting with the Greenway. Reinforcing the vision of a community developed around transit and other urban amenities is a magnet school in close proximity to SLU and the Armory, redeveloped as a performing arts center.

Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning

Jacob Licht, Masters of City Planning
Carmen Paoli, Masters of Business Administration (Haas School of Business)
Jesse Markman, Masters of Landscape Architecture
William Oren, Masters of Architecture

Faculty adviser: Elizabeth MacDonald
Professional adviser: Steve Chamberlin

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