2006 Hines Competition Finalist – Columbia University



Team 2105
Columbia University

Team 2105’s proposal introduces a skywalk system that connects Saint Louis University’s Frost campus with its health sciences center. The skywalk allows pedestrians to move from one end of the university campus to the other without interfering with vehicular and freight traffic, and draws student activities into the project area, where they can be shared by the academic and medical communities. At the landscape level, environmental strategies create open and green spaces, and site edges blend discreetly into the surrounding community.

Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation

Jianqiao Tan, Masters of Science in Urban Planning
Olivia Saw, Masters of Landscape Architecture (Harvard University)
Heidi Gorman, Masters of Science in Urban Planning
Lawrence Williamson, Masters of Real Estate Development
Mei Jia, Masters of Science in Advanced Architectural Design

Faculty adviser: Richard Plunz
Professional adviser: Joshua Kahr

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