2005 Hines Competition Finalist – University of Texas at Austin


“Magna Township: Community, Culture, Conservation”

Team 1801
University of Texas – Austin

Building community, enhancing culture, and implementing conservation techniques will strengthen Magna’s unique identity while simultaneously achieving a regional significance. Located on Salt Lake City’s urban fringe, this former mining town has the potential to become a vital cultural center for surrounding communities on the West Bench as well as a new destination for the Salt Lake region. A systematic approach will stimulate intelligent population growth by re-establishing an economic and cultural base along the historic main street. Growth will be supported by a matrix of increased residential density and diversity, open space networks, symbiosis with an integrated ecosystem, and strategic economic growth along diversified transportation arteries. The initial strengthening of Magna’s core lays the foundation for future expansion, preparing the Township to welcome and accommodate regional commercial, educational. and residential growth without compromising local identity. A reintegrated Magna will emerge as a sustainable urban heart for the West Bench.

School of Architecture
Austin, Texas

Brian Richey, Master of Science in Community & Regional Planning
Theodore Dykoski, MBA, Finance
Daniel Sharp, Master of Landscape Architecture
Justin Sabatini, Masters of Architecture
Catherine Craig, Masters of Architecture

Faculty Adviser: Dean Almy
Professional Adviser: Dave Knoll

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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