2005 Hines Competition Finalist – Harvard University



Team 1201
Harvard University

The landscape of suburban sprawl complicates the task of place-making and poses significant social and environmental risks. Seeden sets forth a new prototype for regional development and embraces the contemporary mandate to re-establish a relationship between people and place. It confronts market, social, and infrastructural elements that typically undo notions of place and, at every scale, turns them into opportunities to engage in place-making. While New Urbanism has also confronted the conceptual problems of sprawl head on, it has at times failed to integrate into the surrounding fabric and has rarely propagated beyond its own boundaries. Seeden attempts both to anticipate regional growth and to “seed” likeminded development. Among its missions are to dismantle traditional dichotomies between big box and main streets; between greenfield development and ecological sustainability; and between urban connectivity and suburban insulation.

Graduate School of Design
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Adam Semel, Master of Architecture
Megan Cummins, JD
Daniel Forster, Master of Architecture
Russell Constantine, JD
Ommeed Sathe, JD

Faculty Adviser: James Stockard
Professional Adviser: Sam Lasky

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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