2004 Hines Competition Winner – Arizona State University


“Destination Allegheny”

Team 8514
Arizona State University

Arizona State University’s team proposed a “symbiotic network” among three apexes that the team identified as having lifestyle affinities: a North Shore event anchor at PNC Park and Heinz Field, downtown’s cultural district anchor, and a new anchor in the Strip District that provides a center for popular entertainment and nightlife. The jury singled out this entry for having a realistic development proposal, with an anchor centered on a waterfront plaza and a retail edge along Smallman Street that ties together the commercial and office spaces to the west with the residential uses to the east.

College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Tempe, Arizona

Prasoon Kumar, Master of Environmental Planning [India]
Parul Mittal, Master of Environmental Planning [India]
Timothy Parke, Master of Environmental Planning
Mohan Sankrit, MBA [India]
Matthew Muller, Master of Architecture

Faculty Adviser: Catherine Spellman, School of Architecture
Professional Adviser: Greg Vogel, Land Advisors Organization

Download Finalist Stage Entry

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