2004 Hines Competition Finalist – Stanford University/University of California, Berkeley



Team 0001
Stanford University/UC Berkeley

Stanford University’s team (two members of which are graduate students at the University of California-Berkeley) builds upon the site’s proximity to Pittsburgh’s traditional transportation centers. The team’s proposal organizes the disparate transportation networks on the site and creates a new destination for locals and tourists. By introducing a new pedestrian bridge across the Allegheny, and creating pedestrian and view corridors from the Strip District across to the North Shore, this proposal encourages use of the site as a hub of activity that brings in users and reinforces the character of the Strip District.

Design/Construction Integration Program
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Palo Alto, California

Oisín Heneghan, MS Design/Construction Integration
Leonardo Renovato, MS Design/Construction Integration
Scott Birdwell, Master of Business Administration
Pablo Undurraga, Masters in Urban Design (UC Berkeley)
Jeffrey Carney, Masters in Architecture and City Planning (UC Berkeley)

Faculty Adviser: Bob Woods, Dept. of Construction Engineering and Management
Professional Adviser: none

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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