2004 Hines Competition Finalist – Massachusetts Institute of Technology


“Big Mix Strip”

Team 0421

This proposal addressed the city-wide issue of job loss and population decline by trying to attract back young skilled talent with a vibrant civic life and diverse urban activity. The proposal’s first phase prioritized several development principles, including the establishment of public-private partnerships; redefining the river’s edge; sustainable building; and amenities to celebrate the district’s character.

Department of Architecture
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Sarah Roszler, Master of City Planning and Master of Architecture
Emily Greeves, Master of Architecture
Victor Sheen, Master of Science Real Estate Development
Sean Sacks, Master of City Planning
Justin Crane, Master of Architecture

Faculty Adviser: Tunney Lee, Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning
Professional Adviser: Richard Rogers, Richard Rogers Partnership (London)

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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