2003 Hines Competition Winner – Harvard University


“City Beautiful + City Real”

Team 4731
Harvard University

“City Beautiful and City Real” extends the neoclassical “City Beautiful” of Washington’s monumental core into the South Capitol study area, where it collides with the real city. This collision is marked by the intersection of the monumental South Capitol Street and the “real” commercial thoroughfare of the neighborhood, M Street, which becomes a “fulcrum,” around which a transit-oriented, mixed use neighborhood can develop, serving a live-work community of a “creative class” of residents.

Graduate School of Design (GSD)
Urban Planning & Design
Chair: Alex Krieger

Kirstin Garcia, Harvard University GSD: M.U.P. (B.S.L.A. Cornell University 1999)
Jeff Baxter, Harvard University GSD: M.L.A. (B.L.A. University of Georgia 1999)
Omar Brownson, Harvard University JFK School of Government: Master in Public Policy and Urban Planning (A.B. University of California-Davis 1996)
Cathy Lynch, Harvard University GSD: M.U.P. (B.S., B.A. University of Pennsylvania 1999)
Seth Riseman, Harvard University GSD: M.Arch. in Urban Design (B.S. architecture University of Virginia 1998)

Faculty Adviser: James Kostaras
Professional Adviser: Camille Douglas, Mainstreet Ventures

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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