2003 Hines Competition Finalist – University of Southern California


“Twenty-first Century Urban Promenade”

Team 1001
University of Southern California (USC)

Team 1001 reinterpreted the grandeur of L’Enfant’s Baroque boulevard as a twenty-first century urban promenade that retains its formality and intersperses it with enlivened streets full of “hidden courtyards and surprises.” As South Capitol Street extends towards the river, its character transitions from civic to live-work to natural.

School of Architecture
Dean: Robert H. Timme, FAIA

Johnny Lu, USC School of Architecture: Master of Building Science (B.Arch. USC 2001)
Chi-Hsuan Tsai, USC School of Architecture: M.Arch. (B.Arch. Chung Yuan Christian University 1998)
Matthew Royal Tribe, USC School of Architecture: M.Arch. (B.Arch. University of Southern California 2002)
Juan Carlos Palafox, USC School of Policy, Planning and Development: M.R.E.D. (B.Arch. Cornell University 1997)
Yingqi Linghu, USC School of Architecture: M.L.A. (B.Eng. Beijing Polytechnic University 1997)

Faculty Adviser: Robert Harris, FAIA
Professional Adviser: Robert Champion

Download Finalist Stage Entry
Download Competition Stage Entry

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